Various Artists | Fade 2 Grey

Various Artists

Various Artists, Gunfire And Pianos,198


1All About Eve – Suppertime
Age Of Chance – I Don’t Know And I Don’t Care
Zooey – Teddy Bear
Mancubs – Serious
Psychic TV – Baby’s Gone Away
The Membranes – (Even More) Skin And Bone
Zooey – Carnival
Diatribe – Peace In Our Time
The Jazz Butcher – Lost In France
Finish The Story – Like A Sickle Runs Through Corn
The Pastels – I’m Alright With You
Baby Brave – Rainmaker
Brigandage – Upto You
The Very Things – The Hole
Naked Raygun – Home Of The Brave
Zooey – Zooey


This really is a fab compilation, you will know most of the artists but the one artist who stands out for me is Zooey and there are three fab songs from them. I can´t find anything about them other than on this comp so any info would be great.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Thanks, Mikey! Another piece of ‘the missing vinyl collection’ restored, thanks to you!

  2. Steven says:

    many thanks, Mike!

  3. alex says:

    Thank you again,Mikey!

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