Various | Fade 2 Grey


Battle Of The Bands, Various Artists, 1981





Side 1

Carl Green And The Scene- Wam!

E.M.F.- Anti-Bellum

Ohibo Paronti- Do It Again

100% Proof- Bad Boy

The Nerves- Back Street Mafia

Asylum- Nowhere To Run

Side 2

Xena Zerox- Seconds

Cobra- Stop Crying

Pretty Boy Floyd- Take Me I´m Tours

Arrowmantic Tors- I Guilty Mind

Time Flies- Go

Louis And The Look-Flight 401




There are some fab tunes on this album, I especially like Wam! by Carl Green And The Scene- Just ordered their album- a couple of tracks ended up as singles Wam! , the Ska flavored Anti-Bellum and Seconds by the wonderfully named Zena Zerox

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