Trevor Herion | Fade 2 Grey

Trevor Herion

Trevor Herion, Beauty Life, 1983


Side One
Love Chains
Fallen Angel
Success And The DeclineOf The Western Man

Side Two
Big City
The Jazz Age
Kiss Of No Return

Trevor Herion, Vocals
Derek Bramble, Bass And Giutar
John Alder, Guitars
Graham Broad, Drums And Percussion
Lennie Bush,String Bass
Derek Green and Chris Rainbow, Backing Vocals
Simon Humphrey,Bass and Mandolin
Julian Lindsey,Creative Keyboards and Synthesizers
Ian Richie Saxophones

Musicans on Track Two,Dreamtime
Trevor Herion, Vocals
Richie Cottel and Kevin Armstrong,Synthesizers
Brad Lang,Bass
Mark Fox,Percussion
Lorenza, Mae and Jackie,Backing Vocals
Martin Young,Linn Programming

Musicans on Track Nine Kiss Of No Return
Trevor Herion, Vocals
Andy Metcalf,Accordian and Backing Vocals
Roy Babbington,Bass Simon House,Violin and Keyboards

Produced by Steve Levine ( although an argument over the unauthorised remixing of a 7″ version resulted in Levine taking his name off the album and refusing to promote it. )

Label Interdisc INTO3

It has taken me a good few years to get hold of this album,being a fan of The Fallout Club and the late Trevor Herion´s voice.
I have played this to a few people and I think you either love his vocal style or hate it.
This album had three single taken from it, the gorgeous Fallen Angel,the fantastic Dreamtime (check the rare video out)and Kiss Of No Return(such a catchy quirky single)Non were hits.
The album didn´t chart either.
My favourite tracks other than the singles are Big City (which just keeps going round in my head at the moment)The Jazz Age and Legends.
If your not sure if you like this album on the first couple of listens,persevere because it will be worth it.
It is sad that Trevor took his own life so early,who knows what he could of achieved.


Trevor was also in the Thomas Dolby Video,She Blinded Me With Science @ aprox 0.6 and 2.23

From Wikipedia
During the late 1970s, he was lead singer in a locally successful pub band called “The B-52s”, who later changed their name to “The Puritans” on discovering the existence of the similarly named US band. Failure to land a recording contract meant the bands dissolution but shortly after he was called to join as singer in a New Wave band called The Civilians, comprised by Paul Simon (ex Neo and Radio Stars, now with Ajanta Music) on drums, Mark Scholfield on guitar and Michael French on bass. The band only released two singles: Made For Television/I See My Friends (Arista, November 1979) produced by Andy Arthurs and without Herion or Simon and featuring French on vocals In America/In Search Of Pleasure (Secret, September 1980). After that, the band broke up (Later, Scholfield and French formed Academy One).

By 1980 or 1981, Herion and Simon reunited in another band, The Fallout Club, alongside former Bruce Woolley and The Camera Club’s Thomas Dolby and Matthew Seligman. They only released 3 singles, which were Falling Years/The Beat Boys,[1] Dream Soldiers, Pedestrian Walkway, Wonderlust/Desert Song (Happy Birthday Records, 1981)

During the 1980s Trevor began to suffer from severe depression which eventually overcame him leading to his tragic suicide on the 1st of October 1988.

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