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The Zen Alligators

The Zen Alligators, Singles Collection





Thrill Power*

Having A Party*

Just A Little Bit*

Who Can That Someone Be?**

Berlin Wall**

Call Me Lucky**

The Ticket**

The Invisible Man***

The Scorpio Function***

You Make My Day***

People Who Make Peoples Day***

I Never Forget A Face****

Caught In The Crossfire****

Side 1 – Diary Of A Forgotten War****


zen band


Johnny Fean –Guitar &Vocals

Philip Fay-Guitar & Vocals

Gary Eglington –Bass

Eamon Carr –Drums

* 1980  **1981  ***1982  ****1983

The Zen Alligators was a post-Horslips project of Eamon Carr and Johnny Fean. The first single was given away at their concerts. They went on to release five singles before they split up. My favourite tracks here are Who Can Someone Be? which has a bit of a new wave flavour, The Invisable Man (although this is a little scratched I´m afaid) and People Who Makes Peoples Day.





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