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The Technos

The Technos, Foreign Land, 1985

Side 1 Side 2
Falling In Love* Foreign Land***
Spirit Of The Thing* Nightime Heaven*
Prisoner Of Love* Lunatic Republic**
Crying In The Rain** Clowns On The Ground*
Visions Of The Night** Slowboat To China***



* Produced by Phil Harding,** Produced by Ann Dudley,***Produced by Joe Glassman

Foreign Land had four singles lifted from it, Falling In Love- which reached a UK no 70 hit in 1982– Nightime Heaven, Spirit Of The Thing and the title track. All great tracks especially Foreign Land and Spirit Of The Thing. Of the other tracks Prisoner Of Love had single written all over it so good, you also get the lovely ballad Crying Through The Rain where Bev´s voice sounds gorgeous. Visions Of The Night would have made it as a good single too. Lunatic Republic is my favourite track if push comes to shove a little darker than the other tracks.

And as a bonus here is the B-Side to the Foreign Land single Hold On To What You Believe (Extended Version) fantastic track so good it could have been an A-Side.

Check out more anbout Steve and Bev HERE

8 Responses to “The Technos”

  1. lobo1945 says:

    great synthpop band.under different names
    throughout its history.behind which was
    the musician and artist, Steve Fairnie.
    something like Tino Casal in Spain.
    two great geniuses,we did enjoy
    much,much,very much.sure if they had known
    would have been good friends.
    tino unfortunately left us forever,for many years.But always remain the music,which fortunately is

    mike if you do not know the music of tino casal.
    I invite you to hear his beautiful voice and her song: Embrujada.a masterpiece of 80s Spanish synthpop.

  2. lobo1945 says:

    knowing the music you like,I knew that you would like tino casal.if you’re interested his discography,and you have,(emule).put this in search:tino casal – todo casal.
    are all lps,remastered + Unreleased tracks, B sides and download,this complicated here, with some Spanish groups.
    greetings and thanks.

  3. CS says:

    Great stuffs mate. Have been waiting this for the longest time. Many thanks again for sharing!!!

  4. Julian says:

    Hi Mikey,
    Any chance you could re-post a new link for “Hold On To What You Believe” please? I was not fast enough to get it and it is just about the only thing still missing from my Fairnie collection.

    Many thanks and happy new year,

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