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The Technos

 The Technos, 12inch Collection


Side 1 Side 2
Foreign Land Spirit Of The Thing
Foreign Land (Dub Mix) Visions Of The Night
Nightime Heaven Falling In Love
Hypr Prisoner Of Love





Go here for more information on Bev and Steve at the fabulous

The Technos were Stevie Fairnie and his wife Bev Sage, they released a few singles which really should have done a lot better than they did . Steve Fairnie was originally in 70´s band Fish Co, then he formed  the wonderful Writz which briefly became Famous Names and later The Techno Twins, Techno Orchestra and lastly just The Technos. Check out Fairnie net an excellent site for all things Steve Fairnie

Check Bev out on Top Of The Pops with Modern Romance, Queen Of The Rapping Scene 1982

4 Responses to “The Technos”

  1. antonio says:

    I have you love this band, bands.
    I like the fun and catchy synthpop
    but of high quality
    behind that little genius of tacky mustache
    but fun, Mr. Stevie Fairnie,a great artist.
    thanks for the compilation friend
    I appreciate your work and acknowledge your efforts mike.
    I will continue contributing what I can,it has.
    thanks and goodbye

  2. Julian says:

    Brilliant. I am a huge fan of everything Fish co. through Technos, with Writz of course being the highlight. i saw them live several times and had the pleasure to meet the band more than once. The only thing missing here is the second release (about three years later) of the re-recorded extended 12″ version of Foreign Land. Only the 7″ version appears on the same titled album. Do you hapopen to have the 12″ single?

  3. Julian says:

    Hi Mikey,
    Great to see there are Steve Fairnie fans finding your website. Fantastic that you are providing downloads of these rare vinyl tracks.
    I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to all things Fairnie and ripped my vinyl collection to mp3 several years ago.
    I have a couple of comments that may help complete your collection and inform fans. The orginal version of “Falling in love again” was released in 1981 when they were The Techno Twins, their first single and is very different to the re-recorded version released in 1985 which you included on the above compilation. I have the original 12″ version as an mp3 file if you would like it.
    Also track 1 on your compilation is the 1985 remixed version of Foreign Land, not the original version from 1982, probably just an oversight as you have the original12″ single artwork. When I bought it at the time, it came with a limited edition T-shrt.

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