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The Techno Orchestra

The Techno Orchestra, Casualtease, 1982


Side 1 Side 2
Let There Be Neon Lunatic Republic
Mechanical Ballet When Is Pleasure Pain?
Berlin Ballerina Boy
Observation Lily Marlene
Techno Refugee Military Buisiness (Muscle Culture II)






All tracks produced by Susan Humphries and The Techno´s, The Techno Orchestra.

A  follow up post from last weeks Techno Twins album, Today I give you Steve Farnie and Bev Savage as The Techno Orchestra.Casualtease is a much better album than Technostagia for me there is not a bad track on this album it mixes electronic/new wave/experimental and cabaret to superb effect and I love the way Steve and Bev share vocals on the tracks here. My favorite tracks are the Kraftwerk influenced opener Let There Be Neon, Bev´s cover of Lily Marlene a German love song written in 1951 which is a complete contrast to the rest of the album but fits in so well. Lunatic Republic is also an excellent track (eat your heart out Toyah) Mechanical Ballet has Steve on lead vocals, love hearing him sing. On the last track The Techno Orchestra revisit the classic Writz track Muscle Culture with  Military Business (Muscle Culture II) to terrific effect, a marvelous closing to an admirable album.

I don´t know if any singles were released from this album which is a crime because there were plenty here Boy would have been a good choice as would Lunatic Republic and Let There Be Neon.

Check out more interesting details about Steve Fairie and The Techno Orchestra here at the superb Fairnie.Net

I just wanted to share these 3 videos of Writz from a TV show, excellent quality, enjoy




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  1. CS says:

    Thanks so much for the memories. This is really great stuff, as if you great blog, that allowed me to rediscover all these wonderful hard to find gems. Any chance you have The Technos “Falling In Love Again” album?

  2. johnny says:

    Any chance of uploading again? Thanks

  3. Thank you for re-uploading this one!
    I uploaded the version of ‘Lily Marlene’ on YouTube.

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