Various Artists | Fade 2 Grey

Various Artists

The Royal Boudoir Scandal/Various Artists, 1982


Modern Side

Swimming Pool- Swimming Pool

Mad Mother – Zoo Bazaar

Pavements – Kant Kino

Another Kiss Of Life – Red Performance

Relate To Hate – Zap

Dance Side

On Safari– 21 Strangers

Soul Sister – Drifting Robots

Back To Back – The Hostages

Boudoir Scandle – The Royal Family

Walk Away – The Letters



This is a great various artists album which included a couple of bands who also released some singles, 21 Strangers and The Hostages. Kant Kano also appeared on a 7inch EP Better Than A Poke In The Eye… with three other bands.

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  1. david says:

    thank you very much for uploading this album
    very rare and very good

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