The Room | Fade 2 Grey

The Room

The Room, Singles A´s and B´s




Motion/Waiting Room

In Sickness & Health/Bated Breath

Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl/Dreams Of Flying

One Hundred Years/The Whole World Sings

New Dreams For Old (7inch Version)/New Dreams For Old (Extended Version/On The Beach

Jackpot Jack/The Friendly Enemy/Naive/A Shirt Of Fire/Crying Red














Clear!, 1983





The Ride


Sleep Tonight

On The Beach









In Evil Hour, 1984


A Shirt Of Fire



Crying Red

The Friendly Enemy

Ne Dreams For Old

Calloused Hands

Half Forgotten Thing

Jackpot Jack












8 Responses to “The Room”

  1. Patrick says:


  2. Patrick says:

    Looks like RapidShare didn’t like the idea of you posting ‘Clear,’ by the way…and how did you know I was gonna ask for Colourbox???

  3. Patrick says:

    It worked today! Thanks! And, uh…here are today’s humble requests…:0)

    Translator: I used to have everything on vinyl (a loving member of my family sold al my vinyl out from under me as sort of a ‘revenge’ tactic, just so you know…) and would dearly love to require their full-length titles – those are:
    1) ‘Heartbeats And Triggers’ (1982)
    2) No Time Like Now (1983)
    3) Translator (1985)
    4) Evening Of The Harvest (1986)
    5) Break Down Barriers (an ep from 1983)

    Winter Hours: my investigating shows that all their full-length releases are available on CD EXCEPT for ‘Leaving Time.’ It’s THAT one I’m having trouble re-locating. I have everything else (thank goodness!)

    And, just because you’re a nice guy, here’s 3 for today rather than my customary 2…sorry!

    The Venetians – all I had from them is their 2nd album, but if it’s any indicator of what their full body of work encompassed, all 3 would be terrific; those are:

    1) Step Off The Edge (1985)
    2) Calling In The Lions (1986)
    3) Amazing World (1988)

    Thanks again!

  4. Steven says:

    Many thanks, Mike!

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