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The Painted Word

The Painted Word Universal,1995



Somewhere In The World Tonight Smile
I Dream Starlight
Universal Life
Breathless My Song
The Blues In Your Eyes My World
Night After Night

Allan McCusker Thompson´s The Painted Word released their first single the fantastic International Day in 1986 and then another two excellent singles Worldwide and That’s The Reason I´m Alive in 1989, non charted.

That year they also released their debut album Lovelife which is a great Scottish indie/pop album.

It wasn´t until 1995 that they released their last album the gorgeous Universal but well worth the wait as it is an album of mature textured songs in a similar vein to The Blue Nile.

The album features many memorable  tunes including I dream, Life the title track Universal and The Blues In Your Eyes which is just exceptional. This is an album you will want to treasure, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.



That´s The Reason I´m Alive (Extended)

Independance Day

Worldwide ( Extended)

This Is Going To Be My World

Perfect Timing

I Found Love Today

My Darkest Hour

20 Responses to “The Painted Word”

  1. monomod says:

    thanks for this scorcher.
    i will post some demos and live stuff in january’11.
    great stuff!!!!

  2. Marc says:

    can you please upload the song “letter from jackie”, b-side of the Independence day 7″?

    Many thanks

  3. macdangerous says:

    Nice to see this here, always thought they were vastly under-rated.

    BTW it’s Allan McCusker-Thompson, not Andy.

  4. Peter says:

    Many thanks for The Painted Word!!
    Sadly, Universal misses the title track, in fact the track Night After Night is repeated twice as track 3 (named Universal, but it isn’t), and, correctly, as track 6.

    Can you please upload the track Universal?
    Cheers, Peter

  5. Patrick says:

    Hey, Mickey! Here are my ‘incremented’ requests for today: I’m really trying to hold myself back (I have a list of 11 bands that are really eluding me), so I’m hoping 2 requests every couple of days or so isn’t too much…anyhow, here goes:

    1) The Comateens – ‘Pictures On A String’ – all I have is my favorite track, ‘Cold Eyes.’ A full-length would be superb.
    2) Big Big Sun – ‘Stop The World’ – what an almost credible imitation of Sting..! Love the album, nonetheless.


  6. alex says:


  7. Pier says:

    Any possibility for ”Letter from Jckie” too?
    Best regards.

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