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The Front

 The Front, First Strike, 1980



It´s Over

(I Don’t Wanna Be A) Teen Idol (Forever)

Immigration Report

Two excellent new wave singles from The Front who would later become Velvascurge and their latestincarnation called just Scurge.

The Front Aluminium Room, 1982


Aluminium Room

Poor People

As a follow up to my last post here are some  superb new wave tracks from the Front I hope you enjoy these tracks as much as I do

Bonus Tracks

Jet Set Jenny

Wet Things

It´s One Of Those Things

I´m Not A Machine


Your Too Good For Me


It´s A Jungle Out There

Program Me

Telephone Salesman

Execution By The State

What Is Love?

It Was You

The Dead Ed Sullivan Show




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  1. Patrick says:

    Sorry, Mikey, but I have a re-post request, since our good friends at MediaFire took exception to these 3 files. Thanks!

  2. alex says:

    Thank You Mikey.

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