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The Dumb Blondes

The Dumb Blondes Collection


The Hooker Strange Love
Spiders Web Necrophiliac
Money Grabber The Clown
Affaire De Coeur Heartbeat
Blue Stroke/Two Stroke Sorrow







The ‘Original’ Dumb Blondes were: (1977-1980) Phil Collen – Guitar Pete Webb – Bass Jeff Hepting – Vocals Fred Ball – Drums aka: Phylis, Pet Roleum, Jean Harlow & Pinky !

Phil Collen went on to fame and fortune with Def Leppard.

The Dumb Blondes ( mkII ) were: (1980-1983) Jeff Hepting – Vocals Pete Webb – Bass Graham Garrett – Drums Paul Mason – Guitar Andy Tompsett – Keyboards and later Danny Painter – Drums/Percussion.

The Dumb Blondes were a glam/punk band they only released one single Strange Love in 1980. They toured with the Sweet  and Gary Glitter in 1981, I saw Sweet on this tour at Nottingham Rock City.

I put this collection together for myself but thought some of you guys may like a listen.

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