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The Dice

The Dice, The Dice, 1982




Side 1 Side 2
Life Prisoner Devil´s Dance
Self Destruction False Promises
Backstreet Kid Somebody Else
Target In The Sun Revenge
Kids Of Rock





The Dice Are,
Pascal Sive, Keyboards,Synthesiser, Musical Direction and Vocals
J.M.Devlin, Lead Vocals
Elaine Rowan, Lead Vocals
Bruno Lambert, Sound Engineer and Vocals
Marc Miller,Management and Vocals

Production Macadam Transfert


I new nothing of this band except the truly brilliant Devils Dance.
The band appear to hail from France but I can not find any info on them except that they made two albums I know of this being their second (I have just ordered their first from eBay).
I was not disappointed when I played this album I have not had it off my ipod for a couple of months now.

I love the way they arrange their music,there is always something interesting going on musically.The only single I can find from the album was Self Destruction (great tune)but I´m sure there must of been more(if Devils Dance wasn´t it is a crime) Target In The Sun is also a fantastic song and would of made a good single.

Other tracks on the album of note are Life Prisoner, False Promises and Revenge.
I have been so excited listening to this album I cant wait to hear their first one which I will post also.
If anyone has more info on the band I would love to hear from you.




The Dice “Self Destruction + Making Of”
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8 Responses to “The Dice”

  1. jean michel says:

    merci pour cette exposition !
    le chanteur de DICE
    JM Carpe alias JM DEVLIN
    depuis Montréal

  2. Mikeyten says:

    You are more than welcome JM all the best Mikey

  3. Olivier M. says:

    Hi, Mikey, and manyyyy thanks for your wonderful work, which allows me to immerse myself in music that rocked my adolescence 🙂

    The Dice was a very famous band in france … during the few months since the release of Broken Rules ! After that, FM radios have quickly deprogrammed the LP for benefit of groups often less talented.

    Have you managed to buy The Dice’s first album (Broken rules) ? And if so, do you plan to rip it soon ? I look for in a digital format for years :'(

    Thank you in advance, and sorry for my poor English (I’m french too)…

    Best regards – Olivier

    Salut, Jean-Michel. Ça fait plaisir de te lire ici ! Sais-tu que tu as été une idole pour moi (j’avais 15 ans en 1981) ? Je te souhaite le meilleur dans ta retraite Canadienne 🙂

  4. adminmike says:

    Bojour Oliver, merci, and I´m glad you are enjoying the blog. Yes I have aquired their frist album, I will post it for you in the next week, cheers Mikey p.s great English by the way

  5. Olivier M. says:

    Hi, Mikey, and thank you a thousand times for your dedication !

    Your answer literally illuminates the sadness of my worked August ! I’ll be eternally grateful if you rekindle my adolescence’s flame 😀

    I think I’ll spend a lot of time watching this post, hoping that my boss does not notice – hehe !

    Merci again & amitiés – Olivier

    p.s : wonderful work you’re doing here !

  6. Domih says:

    Vous ne pouvez pas savoir le plaisir que j’ai à parcourir ce site. J’ai été animateur (bénévole) de radio locale en France au début des années 80 et c’est là que j’ai fait découvrir à l’antenne The Dice. Dès que je pouvais, je passais Broken Rules. Puis, tous mes vinyles ayant été volés, j’ai perdu de vue le groupe.. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui, 30 ans plus tard!! Mais Hey Jo me trottait souvent dans la tête 🙂
    Merci encore et mon bonjour amical à Jean-Michel Devlin et au Québec que j’aime beaucoup 🙂

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