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The Dice

The Dice, Broken Rules, 1981


Side 1 Side 2
Broken Rules** Loaded Dice*
Life Line* High Time**
Hooker* Terrified***
It´s Only Your Money** Funny People**
Walking On Ice** Danger Warning*




The Dice are;

Pascal Stiv


Elaine Rowan

Bruno Lambert

Marc Miller


*Lead Singer Devlin**Lead Singer Poloch***Lead Singer Stiv

Lyrics/Paroles; Elaine Rowan

Music/Musiques; Pascal Stiv and Bart Poloch

Production Macadam Transfert

Broken Rules was the first album by The Dice .

The album includes the” it should have been a hit” single Loaded Dice which is sung by Devlin, I cant remember hearing this at all in the UK, (seriously what was wrong with the UK Dj´s!). I love Devlin´s  voice, it reminds me at times of Tom Robinson especially on this track. Another single was the excellent Lifeline which is an addictive tune that grabs you more with every play, I´ve found myself singing this (actually shouting lifeline !!)  Other highlights include the new wave sounding  Hooker, Walking On Ice is a good ballad and I love the part where  Devlin lets rip and his voice sounds like it is going to crack.

High Time along with Hooker would have made a great single- High Time is as near as a perfect piece of pop perfection-“come on and set me free“. Funny People which this time is sung by Poloch reminds me of The Korgis /New Musik. Terrified is the only song sung by Stiv, it´s a good tune with echos of Martha and the Muffins but still sounding like The Dice. Funny People is an ok track but the vocals are a litlle to sweet in the chorus. Walking On Ice closes the album in fine form another slice of perfect new wave pop.

If you enjoyed their second album I´m sure you will really like this one.


6 Responses to “The Dice”

  1. Olivier M. says:

    Mikey, you just become my God ! 😀
    You’ve quickly kept your promise, and i deeply appreciate : your devotion and generosity, so we even dont know each other, restore my faith in humanity…
    Thank you, Mickey, from the depths of my soul :’)

    About your RIP > I absolutely agree with your analysis : some songs are reminiscent of certain (uk/usa) bands that have experienced more success, like The Korgis, indeed… But I find the sound and atmosphere of this LP are still unique. Well, I admit I’m maybe not quite objective because “Broken Rules” was – and still – one of the most important LP of my life (It has even been decisive, because I ended up becoming a musician !)

    I recommend it to anyone curious to go here, and there are many 😉

    Once again, many many thanks, cher Mickey ! You just got me back to my adolescence, and the last part of my life will surely be more radiant and fulfilling :’)

    Amitiés from Paris – Olivier

    ps : merci for the special dedication 🙂

  2. adminmike says:

    Hi Oliver, you are very welcome, after a long hot day at work today (up to 37 this afternoon) I read your comment and it made my day.
    This is why I enjoy doing my blog, I also agree with you that The Dice were unique, thankyou for your input all the best Mikey

  3. uboot says:

    How kind of you !
    Thanx a lot . I was looking for Dice ‘s Lps for a long time .
    Funny to hear again ….
    i really loved Broken rules . this Lp was an image of the sound played at thoses times 😉
    And you, Mickey, u give me the opportunity to hear the second Lp !
    well, i did buy “self destruction on 82 . and it is still my fav song. but i didn’t know the LP.
    It really sounds like Rupert Hine . ( as producer and solo albums)
    a little darkness than Broken rules..

    Thank you too for your comments.
    I appreciated Olivier’s ones too i(m French too)

    Back in 1998 , i ripped a vinyl with Pro Tools . ( the record wasn’t in a good wealth ..) The song ; Heroes Never Die came from a French band i used to listen when The Dice …ruled lol. Same spirit .
    I don’ t remember its name now.
    Maybe , Olivier , you, and others who enjoyed Dice, would like to hear it .
    Surely, my way to thank you 😉

    • adminmike says:

      and thankyou for your comments,
      great that you liked the Dice post such a shame the band wernt bigger.
      Also thankyou for the track, it´s by Q-Feel, all the best Mikey

  4. uboot says:

    Q-Feel yes!
    why did i figure out they were french?
    (Froggies see Franchies everywhere in the world lol ! )
    There was another – only one record – band called Industry. 1984.
    Here ‘s a vinyl track .

  5. adminmike says:

    Yeah I really liked the Industry album, thanks for the link Mikey.

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