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The Bytes

The Bytes, The Bytes, 1983


This Side That Side
I Need Love Why Didn´t You Call
New Girl Mandalay
Too Cool Change Of Heart
And There´s More Money







Cat Bagley/Vocals

Tom Bagley/Keyboards, Vocals

Stefan Hillstrom/Guitar Vocals

Bob Perdew/ Bass Vocals

Phil Smith/ Drums

Arranged and produced by Marvin Mc Neil

This is a fab new wave album. There are shared male/female lead vocals throughout the tracks which works well.

My favorite songs are ,New Girl and Too Cool which is reminiscent of The Shirts both sung by Cat and the two tracks And There´s More and Why Didn´t You Call Me which –could be sung by either Cat´s brother or husband Tom- .

I´m also loveing the album sleeve, the only thing wrong with this album is that it´s far too short.

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  1. Mike Brandon says:

    Mikey –

    cheers from NYC. this is MIke(y) B. : )

    I’ve hopped on and off your ace blog for quite a few years now ; thank you (seriously)for all the active links that you currently have up.

    awesome, awesome stuff. all around.

  2. tom bagley says:


    Hey thanks for the kind words…If you only knew how great an experience it was doing this EP and loads of other songs we performed and recorded in the 80’s as The Bytes. It was a very heady time and we were spartans with a wonderful creative outlet.

    Our producer was contacted by the studio owner Biff Vincent about this album years later. He said Aerosmith was in his studio and on down time they were playing drop the needle on a bunch of cheezy 80’s albums that had been recorded in the studio and then they came upon this album. According to Biff they insisted on listening to this record twice through and were quite taken by it.

    My sister Cat was amazing and Stefan the guitarist was a genius. Sadly we’ve long since lost them both to cancer. If anyone is interested my email is above….


    Tom Bagley

  3. Sonny Koozeman says:

    The Bytes were a great band. I had the priviledge of playing with them when they were called Gazelle. Surprisingly they were the only band I ever quit, which on looking back, was the biggest mistake I ever made. Of all the recordings that I have of groups that I have played with I am most proud of the ones with Gazelle. Stefan, Tom, and Phil were great musicians as was Bob who I heard after he joined the group when I would go see them play. As I look back they were so good that they made me a better player. It is so sad that Cat and Stefan died at such young ages. The last time I talked to Tom was right after Cat died. I would love to talk to him again sometime. I still am in contact with Phil, and Dave James, whose place I took as their bass player.

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