The AK Band | Fade 2 Grey

The AK Band

The AK Band, Manhole Kids, 1981


Side One
Round And Round
Over You
Too Long A Night

Side Two
Sole Survivor
Mister President
Nothing´s Happening
Sea Of Smarm
Manhole Kids









Produced By Martin Hayles & Anthony Forrest

Johnny-Lead and rhythm guitar, vocals
Nev-Bass giutar, lead vocals
Maz-Drums, percussion and vocals

Bonus Tracks

Pink Slippers


Skegway (Remix)

Dead Slumber = Muerto De Sueño


 I first bought this album because A, I liked the sleeve and B, it was only a 50p bargain bin puck.I wasnt dissapointed. I have just bought it again and payed quit a bit more than 50p but again great to here this lost band again.

The album included two singles which didn´t chart 8-3-12 and Over You both great tracks, I have also included their other single not on the album, Pink Slippers/Skegaway again this was worthy of a chart placing, perhaps because their sound was very similar to the Police.
Other tracks I love are Sole Survivor and Too Long A Night

The band were in a competition called Battle Of The Bands in 1980, they didnt win but were signed up before the final of the competition.

Time Flys won the battle.



7 Responses to “The AK Band”

  1. kurt says:

    Trying to find the lyrics of all the tracks on “Manhole Kids” plus “Pink Slippers/Segaway”. Any help in this direction would be appreciated…

  2. Johnny AK says:

    (Updated Mesage, Hammersmith Odeon Poster Facebook Link Did Not Work In The Earlier message, Sep 25 2012 at 6.48 pm. Hopefully This One Will.)

    Hi, The AK Band were never in the Battle Of The Bands Competition. They were booked as special guests for the whole Battle Of The Bands Tour. Performing while the Judges made their decision. B.O.B. Management being the connection.

    AK Band Info:

    Hammersmith Odeon Poster:

    John Peel’s Record Collection, The AK Band Included:


    Johnny AK

  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    Beautiful job! I can’t find this one anywhere… Could you create a new link for this vinyl Rip?
    One love Mike… you’re the one!

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