Simon Townshend | Fade 2 Grey

Simon Townshend

Simon Townsend, Sweet Sound, 1983

1Side 1

Sweet Sound

I´m The Answer

On The Scaffolding

Mr Sunday

Side 2

So Real

Palace In The Air

…And More With You


Heart Stops

Produced by Pete Townshend




I bought this album from a bargain bin originally  after hearing the single I´m the Answer and a good buy it was- There are some good tunes on Sweet Sound and I have enjoyed listening to it again after all these years.

Simon is Pete Townshend’s brother and this was his debut solo album which was produced by Pete.  There were a couple of singles lifted from the album So Real and I´m the Answer both  radio friendly tracks. My favourite tracks include Mr Sunday and Palace In The Air.




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  1. Thanks for the Simon Townshend album. Been hunting for that for some time. Check out my blog
    Might be some things of interest there 4 U….
    Let me know if looking for anything else.

    Smithers Jones

  2. Joel Goodsen says:

    Your posts are really incredible Mikey! Thanks so much for sharing your private collection… By the way, could you re-up this record?

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