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Short Romans

Short Romans, 37, Guitars, 1984


Side 1 Side 2
U Can Try (Disc Mix) White Sails
DJ´S Run Black Day
Caught In A Trap Break My Back
Wild West You Can Try (Pogo Mix)
White Sails (Extended)






Produced By Thomas Hermann

Heinz Weber – Drums

Martin Komorek – Bass,Add Vocals

Dirk Draeger – Vocals, Guitars

There was a request for this album from a while ago from 22ndwave, took me a while but I found a copy so enjoy the rip, not a bad album at all, my favorite tracks are U Can Try (Disco Mix) which would have made a good single. White Sails is fantastic and was a single in 1987 sounding like it was rerecorded.


Short Romans, Short Romans, 1987


Side 1 Side 2
Radio So Far Away
White Sails What Makes The World Go Round
Invade Your Start Jealous Way
Let The Fires Burn You Were On My Mind
Linda Eclipse Of The Moon
It´s Got Me




3 Responses to “Short Romans”

  1. 22ndWave says:

    Thanks for finding this! Black day and U can try are awesome! A great band.

  2. alex says:

    Nice album.Reapload please.Alex.

  3. alex says:

    Thank You Mikey.

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