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Request – Secession, Singles Collection, 1983- 1987




Betrayal -1983

Reflections -1983

Fire Island (7inch) -1984

Fire Island -1984

Fire Island (Extended) -1984

Fire Island (Extended Istrumental) -1984

Touch (Part 1) -1984

Touch (Part 2) -1984

Touch (Part 3) -1984

Touch (Part 4) -1984

Michael -1986

All The Animals Come Out At Night -1986

Helter Shelter -1986

Radioland -1987

Simon Sayys.. -1987

Everbody´s Sneakin -1987

Promise -1987

Promise (Dance Mix) -1987

Promise (Dub Mix) -1987

Havoc -1987

Sneakyville (Extended Mix) -1987

The Magician (Pecky Plus Mix) -1987

Magic Dreams -1987

The Magician (Pecky Dub Mix) -1987

The Killing Season -1987


A fantastic collection of singles from the overlooked  80´s band Secsession. Sucsession released one album and a handful of singles.They didn´t score any hits in the UK which was a crime as many of the singles deserved to be smashes especially Betrayal, Promise and Fire Island.






betrayal frontbetrayal backfire island frontfire island back

touch fronttouch back 12inchmichael frontmichael back

radioland frontradioland backpromise frontsneakyville front

sneakyville backthe magician frontthe magician back





4 Responses to “Secsession”

  1. woodsisi says:

    great band, thanks

  2. RA Feutz says:

    I’ve been ripping the 12″s (w/ all the art…scanned by me) to MP3 format for my blog. I have (2) other compilations similar to the one you have posted here. I’m looking forward to the quality of yours. The ‘Betrayal’ 7″ is the hardest to find and the most expensive! Thanks again for another quality posting!

  3. DJ Mr.Tim says:

    Your site rocks and this collection of singles is beyond awesome.

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