Roy White | Fade 2 Grey

Roy White

Roy White Shanty,1985

frontSide 1
Stand In Line
Don´t Stop Tommorow
Sophie´s Choice
Criminal Mind
Strange To Be With You

Side 2
Shoot Myself
Nothing To Remind Me
Angel Loves Joe
Ice On The Sun
Lest We Forget

Produced by Roy White and Godwin Logie

Jim Mealy- Lead Guitar
David Levy-
Bass Guitar
Charlie Morgan-
Jaq Robinson & Di Wright-
Backing Vocals
Roy White-
Voice, Guitar, Keyboards & Fairlight

I loved Roy´s previous band White & Torch and have always loved his voice.

This solo album is excellent with twelve songs crammed on to vinyl ( a CD release would be fantastic).The album includes two singles Lets We Forget and Strange To Be With You, both deserved to be hits.

The album includes some fabulous songs among the highlights are,Criminal Mind, Ice On The Sun (which would of made a fab single) Nothing To Remind Me, Reputation and the title track Shanty.
As far as I know this was his only solo album,

Roy was also in the rock band King Of Fools,they released a self titled album in 1991 which included two singles.

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