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Ronny, Compare Me With The Rest, Singles Collection


If You Want Me To Stay (7inch Version)
If You Want Me To Stay (7inch Instrumental)
Compare Me With The Rest (Part One)
Compare Me With The Rest (PartTwo)
To Have And Have Not (7inch Version)
Blue Cabaret
If You Want Me To Stay (Dance Mix)
To Have And Have Not(Full Length Version)
If You Want Me To Stay (12inch Instrumental Version)
To Have And Have Not (Razormaid Remix)

 I remember buying my first Ronny single If You Want Me To Stay from a Nottingham record shop up Hurts Yard. I was intrigued by image on the sleeve which was very much in vogue at the time with the New Romantic movement and gender bender imagery along with Grace Jones, Annie Lennox, Boy George and Marilyn.

Ronny´s first single Compare Me With The Rest was produced by Vangelis while the second  If You Want Me To Stay was produced by Midge Ure and Rusty Egan both in 1981.

In 1982 her third and final single To Have And Have Not was produced by Peter Godwin and Georg Kajanus.

Ronny a former model has also worked with Zaine Griff on Yukihiro Takahashi´s “What Me Worry?” album, the song is This Strange Obsession and was released in 1982.

Again working with Zaine on thetrack Spies for the unreleased Helden album.

There was also a duet with Steve Strange a cover of The Lady Is A Tramp and a video is supposed to exist with Steve playing the woman.

Ronny then went on to record tracks as Ronny/Boyarde, I have posted four tracks (demo´s not great quality) in another post.


Here´s a rare live video from 1982 of her performing Blue Cabaret.I am so excited to at last see her in the flesh,I had to make sure more people see this video,she sounds great and looks fantastic.

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