Rod Vey | Fade 2 Grey

Rod Vey

Rod Vey, Can You Hear Me Mother?, 1980




Side One Side Two
Metal Love Soldier Boy
Brave New Modern World Gun´s West, Guns East
Not Much Longer Now New York (1942)
She´s So Good It´s Your Choice
Silicone City Down On The Farm
Living In Black And White Sterbend In Berlin






 Can You Hear Me Mother (I´m not sure the title is from Sandy Powell as it was his catch phrase in the 1930´s) is Rod Vey´s aka Rod Mcvey´s only solo album release. 

He has released three albums with Liam O´ Flynn. Rod has also worked with Ian Dury, The Kinks, Van Morrison and Kris Kristofferson.

The album was only released in Germany and is on fabulous chewing gum pink vinyl. It includes the fab single Metal Love with lots of synth new wave goodness.

The rest of the album has some great tunes on it, among my favorites are Silicone City, Sterbend In Berlin,New York (1942) and It´s Your Choice.


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