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Red Wedding

Red Wedding, 1981-1985


Red Wedding March (Bastardized Demo 1982) Under The Veil (1984)
All Dressed Up (1982) Drums (1982)
Wait (Unreleased 1985) Four A.M. (Unreleased 1985)
Bernado (1984) Sleeping On Airplane (1982)
Marsha In Pictures (1982) Satan In Cologne (1984)
Fiction Theater (Unreleased 1985) Twist (1984)
Capsules Of Love (Early Demo 1981) Somewhere (1984)
The Face Of God (Unreleased 1985) Think About It (1982)
Goddess No More (1984) Looking For Rockets (Unreleased 1983)
Swimming (1984)



This CD compilation album features every song Red Wedding ever recorded, which includes both their mini Lp “Up And Down The Aisle” and EP “Nails” plus other previously unreleased material.

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