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Red Box

Red Box, Singles Collection


front sleeve















Chenko (Pow-Wow Press)


Chenko (Tenka-io) (No Reservations Mix)


Heart Of The Sun (Slash And Burn)

 Saskatchewan (Crew’s Testing Mix)


Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo) (Dogmatix Version)

Stinging Bee (Catmatix)

Lean On Me (Ah-Li-Ayo)

For America (Bazooka Mix)

Aint Got No Life

For America (Boys Own mix)

R n A

 Heart Of The Sun

Enjoy (Solid Gold Easy Amex)

Enjoy (Paul Oakenfold Future Mix)

Lean On Me (Ah-li-ayo) (Vera’s Husband’s Mix)

Train (Fantasy Island)

Train (Mr. Chandra Is Up Stairs)

Train (Hornby


“Hello,” He Lied

Let It Rain (Remix)

Never Let It Be Said

The Sign

 Waiting For This Day


Here is a collection of singles from Red Box from Chenko to the very last one from last year´s Euro 2012 White And Red (Waiting For This Day). There are sone amazing songso this collection  by a much underrated band.

This download is in two parts.
































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  1. claudio says:

    Mikey, this is a fantastic and incredibile post! I have no enough words to thank you!
    I will enjoy all the weekend listening these singles!
    Thanks again, you are the number one 🙂 Claudio

  2. Sergio says:

    Great post! Thank you for this.

  3. Dave says:

    Some rare rare gems here, got a soft spot for this oddball 80s band. Thanks for taking the trouble dude!

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