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Positive Noise, Singles Collection












01 Give Me Passion, 1981*

02 Ghosts, 1981**

03 End Of A Dream, 1981**

04 Charm, 1981*

05 …And Yet Again, 1981**

06 Moscow Motion, 1981**

07 Positive Negative, 1981*

08 Energy, 1981**

09 Posative Negative (Instrumental)**

10 Waiting For The Seventh Man, 1982*

11 Get Up And Go, 1982*

12 Get Up And Go (Extended mix) 1982**

13 Tension, 1982**

14 Feel The Fear, 1982**

15 Feel The Fear (Remix) 1982**

16When Lightenibg Strikes, 1983*

17 Change Of Heart, 1983**

18 When Lightening Strikes (Instrumental)1983**

19 When Lightening Strikes (Dance Mix)1983**

20 A Million Miles Away (Short Cut) 1984*

21 A Million Miles Away (Long Distance) 1984**

22 Shanty, 1984**

23 Distant Fires, 1985*

24 End In Tears**

Here you go a request for a collection of Positive Noise singles, this band really should have have been more popular.

The band only had one chart hit in the UK which was A Million Miles Away in 1984 and it peaked at no 82.

I bought a lot of their singles in picture disc´s shaped and 12inch over the years.

Among my favorite singles are Get Up And Go! – love the typical 80´s extended version- their last single Distant Fires, Charm and their very first single Give Me Passion.

Among the B-Side you get the fantastic Ghosts, Feel The Fear and Change Of Heart.


10 Responses to “Positive Noise”

  1. antonio says:

    band that started with a new wave sound
    like joy division,change of singer.this,
    ross middleton formed with gary barnacle
    leisure process.,great band of 80’s synthpop.
    and change their sound by synthpop and
    white funky.were very good and deserved
    more recognition than they had.much,
    much more.thank you very much for this
    uploading.best regards.

  2. Claudio says:

    Only a word! Wonderful!!! A real gem! This band deserved more successes and honors! Thank you infinitelely Mikey! You give us the possibility to hear for the first time all these singles in cd format 🙂

  3. michael says:

    love the song when lightning strikes i hope you can re upload the instrumental ver again coz its a bit cut off at the end. hope you have a time to do so thanks a millions

  4. mineforlife says:

    Links are down. Boo for Mediafire!

  5. EdYarios80's says:


  6. Niallox says:

    Hi Thanks, For the listen to these great tracks, unfortunately part 1 does not seem to want to appear !

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