Palace | Fade 2 Grey


Brave New World,1988


1Side One

Can You Feel It


Never Wanna Say Goodbye

Brave New World

On A Wing And A Prayer

Side Two

Help Me


When We Were Young

Rue the Day




Produced by Stephan Galfas and James Palace

James Palace – acoustic guitar, keyboards, vocals

David Taggart – lead vocals

Other Musicians:

Guitars – Jeff Golub

Keyboards – Alan St Jon, Tommy Mandel, Lloyd Donnelly

Programming – Vince Schimel, Matt Schottenfeld

Bass – Schuyler Deale, Brian Stanley

Background Vocals – Alan St Jon, Stephan Galfas, Kip Kaplan

This album by Palace included the single, Can You Feel It, not the best track here, my picks are On A Wing And A Prayer, When We Were Young and the ballads Glad which reminds me of The Cars and Rue The Day.


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  1. Joel Goodsen says:

    You’re incredible Mikey, too much rarities in here… but unfortunately, a lot of dead links :/

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