Moving Fingers | Fade 2 Grey

Moving Fingers

Moving Fingers, Natural Selection, 1986


1Side 1

The Final Word Of History


Everything Changes


Sink Like A Stone

Rome Lies Burning

Side 2


Subway And The Stars

Chlorophyll (In My Eyes)

Lock Up Your Heart

Natural Selection



This is the only album I can find by the band I had high hopes for Natural Selection as I love their first three singles but I was  dissapointed when I first heard the album, but it grows on you with repeated plays.

The album sees the band loosing the edge they had on those first releases for a more polished mainstream pop direction.

There were five singles lifted from the album, so they were defiantly on a mission to write and produce a hit single.

The singles were, Sink Like A Stone, Everything Changes, Karen, Subway To The Stars and finally Rome Lies Burning. Only Everything Changes had a non album b-side with Pick ‘N’ Mix which is actually just the albums tracks mixed together as a sampler.


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