Modern Vision | Fade 2 Grey

Modern Vision

Modern Vision, The Dance Of Folly, 1987


Side One Side Two
Catch Me Move On
The Pilot It´s Cold Outside
The Easy Way




The Dance Of Folly was Modern Vision´s second mini album and the one I prefer,released three years after No Way Out and the two singles Stay 1985 and I Don’t Recognize Myself, 1986.

The band has also had a few changes. Jean Paul Duran– vocals,guitar and Chris Sommers- guitar remain the same with new members; Marc Vanderheyden- bass, Alain Lemaitre- bass Rudy Vanduynslayger– keyboards and on backing vocals Christine Ergo,Fabienne Jorissen and Alain Lemaitre.

The record was produced by Alain Lemaitre


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