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Metro Future Imperfect, 1980

Picture 109

Side1 Side2
Going Up In Flames America In My Head
Alone Gemini
The Promise Middle Of The Night
Exterminating Angels Making You Up
The Face Bonus Track
America In My Head (Extended)


Tony Adams– Bass Guitar, Peter Godwin– Vocals, Sean Lyons– Guitars,Piano on Gemini,Colin Wight, Guitars- John Laforge- Drums, Chris Hunter-Alto Sax on Making You Up. Produced by, Martin Lawrence

Metro-AmericaThis was the third and final Metro album and is probably my favourite of the three. The album included the singles Gemini and the wonderful America In My Head which they even shot a video.

Other songs on the album which are really great are, The Face, and the brilliant Exterminating Angels.

Visit Metro┬┤s facebook page is here

Visit Peter Godwins facebook page here, hes a really friendly guy still making music, you can buy his latest songs Skyfall and Disguise from itunes here

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3 Responses to “Metro”

  1. roman says:

    Hallo, is it possible, to download this File ?

  2. x says:

    can you repost exterminating angels (dead link)? thanks!!

  3. capmaster says:

    Miss the drummer John Laforge in the credits.

    Gemini is the all-time favorite song of mine. I listened to it far more often than 10,000 times. America In My Head is my all-time number two, followed by Africa performed by The Knack.

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