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Leisure Process

Leisure Process, Singles Collection, 1982-1983



Love Cascade

The Sun Turns Black

A Way You´ll Never Be

Rachel Dreams


The Emigre


The Company

The Fluke

Love Cascade (Extended)

A Way You´ll Never Be (Extended)

Cashflow (Million Dollar Mix)

Anxiety (Neurotica Mix)

Company B

Love Cascade (Dance Mix)

The Emigre 2 (Fast)

The Emigre 2 (Slow)



 A great collection of songs from Leisure Process, put together by 80s Forever, as always a big thank you to him.


8 Responses to “Leisure Process”

  1. Andreas says:

    Download link does not work.

  2. vittorio says:

    Thank you Mike! The link doesn’t run! Can you control?

  3. david says:

    Ephemeral group of two great musicians,
    The result: great
    thanks for uploading friend

  4. Woodsisi says:

    great post – always loved the four singles and thought ‘Love Cascade’ was a classic (can remember when and where I first heard it). Thanks again

  5. danadotcom says:

    Mind reposting this? Supremely appreciated–THANK YOU!

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