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Laughing All The Way To The Bank

Various Artists,Laughing All The Way To The Bank, The Riverside Compilation L.P, 1985


Side 1

Intensions – Line Design

On The Wheel – Shoot! Dispute

Something That You Said – Hoorah! Boys Hoorah!

Real Girl – Buddy Curtess And The Grasshoppers

Simon Purethought – The Adventures Of Johnny Lovemuscle

Imogen´s Party – The Body Politic

Flag Day – The Housemartins

Side 2

Here´s To The Good Old Beer – The Blubbery Hellbellies

Over The Hill – The Dogs

Night Out With The Boys – The Rapids

Irene – Tenpole Tudor

There Were Rays Coming Out Of Their Eyes – The Complaints

Snake Hips – The Geisha Girls

Wooden Fish On Wheels – The Cardiacs

The Ring – Fools Dance

Popa Wobler – King Kurt

  • “Now´s the chance to wiggle your hips”
  • They really should have put this out as a double album rather than cram 16 songs onto a single disc. The sound suffers a little because of this but the songs still shine.
  • You will know some of the bands on this compilation (The Blubbery Hellbellies, The Rapids, King Kurt, Hoorah! Boys Hoorah!,The Cardiacs Buddy Curtess And The Grasshoppers,Tenpole Tudor Fools Dance, Geisha Girls and The Housemartins) but others may be new to you.
  • The standout track from the whole album is Imogens Party by The Body Politic– I´d love to hear more from this band-
  • I also love The Ring by Fools Dance, Shoot! Dispute´s On The Wheel and Something That You Said by Hoorah! Boys Hoorah!.
  • Another fave is the fabulously titled There Were Rays Coming Out Of Their Eyes  by  The Complaints and of course how could you not like Snake Hips which is so X-Ray Spex.







riverside carpet

A piece of carpet from the club



4 Responses to “Laughing All The Way To The Bank”

  1. dominik500 says:

    This is GREAT! Who are Shoot! Dispute and Line Design???? SO GOOD!!

  2. dave says:

    nice comment about the body politic.I was the singer and guitar player.we had some good songs which still sound good today.We are still good friends.I still write and play but not in public.

  3. Graham Firth says:


    I remember coming to see The Body Politic play at The Riverside a few times. Loved the band. I’ve got an old tape with a few songs on it somewhere. Imogen’s Party, Playgrounds and Sarah Valentine (?) come to mind. Did you ever release anything on CD?

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