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King Of Fools

King Of Fools, King Of Fools, 1991

Pretend It´s Over

Eat Your Heart Out

King Of Fools

Who Loves You

Sad In Wonderland

Pay For The Day

Tin Drum

No Man´s Land

Jayne Plays

Love Is Blind

Produced by John Punter and Roy White

King Of Fools are;

Roy White, vocals, guitar, keyboards

Dave Levy, bass and backing vocals

Matt Bryne, guitar and backing vocals

Another overlooked album by Roy White this time under the name King Of Fools. This self titled album included three singles, King Of Fools, Eat Your Heart Out and Sad In Wonderland and to be honest I cant remember hearing any radioplay. This is good solid rock album . My favourite track  is Jayne Plays which could have been a single .At times the band reminds me over Simple Minds especially on the single Sad In Wonderland.

Missing track No Man´s Land now in second download link.

11 Responses to “King Of Fools”

  1. spiracles says:

    thanks!! always and only gems on your blog here!

  2. Jenny says:

    Amazing!! Thank you so much for everything you share!!!

  3. VanceMan says:

    Thank you SO much for this. I stumbled on one Roy White item a white back and, thanks to you, I’ve now become a big fan!

  4. 22ndWave says:

    Did anyone else not have “No Man’s Land” in their .rar file? Mine is missing it.

  5. bzky22 says:

    Same problem here: track 8, No mans Land is not in the RAR-file.

  6. Fletcher says:

    I look in vain for them on Youtube because I really love the track ‘Tin Drum’ and included that and ‘Sad in Wonderland’ in many mixtape/burns for friends and they always ask “Who is *that band*??” I found them in a cut out bin near the escalator at Bob’s Sporting Goods in Longview Washington in the early to mid 90s.It’s just another one of those bands that only I seem to appriciate or know about in my circles. I knew nothing about them,just though it looked interesting,song titles seemed worth checking it out….it was about a 99 cents to a dollar probably so if it was bad-so what? The covershot….the songer kinda had a Nick Cave look about him to me.

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