Jo Lemaire + Flouze | Fade 2 Grey

Jo Lemaire + Flouze

Jo Lemaire + Flouze, Precious Time, 1980

Side A

Precious Time

The Happy Song

The Code

Hands And Words

Till The Fall

Side B

Freudian Slips

Far Cry

Family Cell

No Tears Allowed

Wake Up


I really like this album from Jo Lemaire + Flouze it is much better than Jo´s solo album Stand Up. The album includes the single Precious Time. My favourite songs from the album are the funky Wake Up, Freudian Slips, the wonderful Till The Fall, Hands And Words and the could or maybe was a single The Happy Song.On the whole Precious Time is a good solid poppy new wave record.

6 Responses to “Jo Lemaire + Flouze”

  1. Emile says:

    dommage que “Existences” n’est poinx inclus dans le fichier déchargé. Mais merci quand même pour partager ce rare disque! Pourrais-tu me l’evoyer par e-mail attachement stp? Thanxx

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Emile, sorry I don´t understand what you are asking me, I tried to translate with google but it still didn´t make sense, sorry Mikey

      Salut Emile, désolé, je ne comprends pas ce que vous me demandez, j’ai essayé de traduire avec google mais il n’a toujours pas de sens, désolé Mikey

  2. Steven says:

    This great lady used to live 30 meters from where I’m typing this 🙂

  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    Could you re-up the complete Single (A-Side + B-Side) Big ‘M’? and the Jo Lemaire + Flouze LP if you’re okay

  4. david says:

    fantastic album
    of Jo with flouze
    with its crystal beauty
    and its elegant and casual music
    I like
    thanks for uploading
    good night and good weekend

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