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Jimi Zhivago

Jimi Zhivago, Fire With Fire, 1985

Side 1

Forever Your Fool

Fire With Fire

Can´t Get You Out Of My Head

Green Eyes


Side 2

The Waiting Game

Ultra America

Mad Girl´s Love Song*)

Heavy Metal Heart

The Welcoming**)






All titles Zhivago Poems *)Sylvia Plaith, **)Vytas Bakitas

Produced by Zhivago- Heermans¨85

Fab album from Jimi Zhivago, it includes the single Fire With Fire which was originally released as a single in 1983 and  was a little different to the album version with it´s intro. My favourite tracks on the album are The Waiting Game which was the B-Side to the 1985 release of Fire With Fire, The Welcoming, Heavy Metal Heart and Missing.

I´ve also added the 12inch Version of Fire With Fire.

Fire With Fire,12inch 1983 release

Fire With Fire,7inch  1985 release

3 Responses to “Jimi Zhivago”

  1. 80zforever says:

    Awesome mikey! cheers

  2. Friedrich-Wilhelm Nehl says:

    Thank you very much for preserving this fabulous music…
    Unfortunately, track one “Forever your Fool” is missing.
    Thank you again.


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