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Jesus Couldn´t Drum

Jesus Couldn´t Drum, Best Of…






Talking To The Birds

Cold Without You

Sister Dream

Even Roses Have Thorns

Lost At Sea

Charlotte’s World

Beat The Dog

Everyday Occurrences (V.I.P)

Orange Leaves

Fireball XL-5

Autumn Leaves

I´m A Train (Alternate Version)


Steve,…Don´t Leave





I loved this underrated band back in the day, and found this compilation a couple of weeks ago.

There are so many good songs on here, I´m going to have to dig out a couple of albums I have somewhere! This best of CD includes the brilliant Beat The Dog, Autumn Leaves their cool cover of Fireball XL-5 ( from the album Ruttling Orange Peel & Blind Lemon which also has covers of Captain Scarlet and Banana Splits theme songs)Cold Without You and the wonderful I´m A Train.

A great introduction to the band.


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