Jeff Duff & The Phrophets | Fade 2 Grey

Jeff Duff & The Phrophets

Jeff Duff & The Phrophets, Kiss My Apocalypse, 1988


Hide & Seek

New Boy In Heaven


Never Too Late For Praying

In Space Everyone Jams With Miles

Livin´On Easy Street





I´ve been looking for this CD for years and finally got a copy from ebay, and being a Duffo fan I´m loving it.

Only six songs but all good and if I had to liken it to another album I´d say it has more than a hint of Bowie´s Young Americans plastic soul.(except for the swing style of Livin On Easy Street)

My favorite tracks are the funky Sexual, In Space Everybody Jams With Miles and the ballad New Boy In Heaven.

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