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Jane Bond And The Undercover Men

Jane Bond And The Undercover Men,Jane Bond And The Undercover Men, 1981


Side 1

Weré Gonna Get That Boy

Party Doll


This Is A Recording

Run To Him

Side 2

Dancing With My Boyfriend

So Bored

Girl´s World

The Spy Movie





This is the first Jane Bond album and features song great songs.

The standout tracks for me are, Debutantes, Party Doll, The Spy Story and So Bored

Lisa Michel – Vocals

Ethan James – Keyboards, Bass and Vocals

Rory Johnson, Drums

Gary Ray ,Drums on Debutantes

Glenn Mont, Bass And Guitar on We´re Gonna Get That Boy

Lisa Derrick, second vocal on We´re Gonna Get That Boy

Steve Kujala, Sax on Party Doll

John Mauceri, Drums onRun To Him and Spy Story

Joe Nolte, Guitar On Run To Him

Susanna Hoffs, Vicki Peterson,Debbie Peterson,Backing Vocals on Run To Him

Amrit, Guitar Solo on Spy Story

Shannon Irvin,Erin Kenny, Backing Vocals on The Spy Story

Erin-Natasha_Kenny, Russian on The Spy Story

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  1. joshmo says:

    you are a giant among men sir.

  2. onozer says:

    oh my GOD! have not heard this since the 80’s. thank you so much!

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