Jacqui Brookes | Fade 2 Grey

Jacqui Brookes

Jacqui Brookes, Sob Stories, 1984



Side 1 Side 2
Lost Without Your Love Haunted Cocktails
The One That Got Away Just Another
The Cold Light Of Day I´m Not Ashamed
Another Place For A Dreamer Thin Air
Trains And Boats And Planes Departures




Jacqui Brookes really should of had some kind of success, she has a great voice and really looks the part.

After Intro, Jacqui released her only solo album, Sob Stories really is a lost synthpop gem.

Jacquie´s partner in Intro Jimmie O´Neill -Fingerprintz, The Silencers- wrote or co wrote most of the songs on the album.

The album includes both the Intro tracks  this time re-released as solo singles.The first being the so should have been a hit Lost Without Your Love – and the fabulous Haunted Cocktails.

The last single from the album was the wonderful cover of  Burt Bacharach´s  Trains and Boats and Planes originally recorded by Billy J Kramer and the Dakotas, Dionne Warwick and Anita Harris in the 60´s.

Other songs of note are the ballad Just Another, The One That Got Away, Im Not Ashamed and Thin Air on which Jacqui´s voice reminds me of Annabel Lamb.

Departures is also fab to be honest I love the whole album including the sleeve artwork.

This is my own rip of the album,it took ma a while lol.


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