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I Spy

I Spy, The Crystal Fire, 1988

1Side A

The International Feel

Coney Island

Picnic At Hanging Rock


Private Room

Side B

Last Dance


Elizabeth Dane

The Crystal Fire

Solitary Confinement


Produced by Michiel Hoogenboezem


Peter Duinkerken- keyboards

Harry Poelman, Bass

Aetnout Steegstra, vocals

Coos Grevelink, drums

Rudolv van Wijngaarden, guitars

The Crystal Fire is an album that really grows on you the more you hear it. Stand out tracks are Elizabeth Dane, So Long, Picnic At Hanging Rock and International Feel. There were four singles taken from the albim, Coney Island, Guide Line, International Feel and Last Dance. The band made another album called Kite which I will post soon.

4 Responses to “I Spy”

  1. Jenny says:

    Sweet! Something I’ve never heard before! Excited to listen to this!

    Thank you SOOO much!

  2. Coos Grevelink says:


    Thanks for the nice review of our album. However, it was also released on cd at the same time.
    And I know I actually should tell you that it’s not allowed to download music, but hey….! (-;


    Coos Grevelink (drums, and guitars on the album Kit)

  3. adminmike says:

    Hi Coos,

    Thanks for your comment good to hear from you, cheers Mikey

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