Hipsway | Fade 2 Grey


Hipsway, 12inch Collection, 1985- 1989


The Broken Years (Extended Version) The Honeythief (Extended Version)
Forbidden The Honeythief (Galus Mix)
The Broken Years (Dub) The Honeythief (7inch Version)
Ask The Lord (Extended Version) Wild Sorrow
Ask The Lord (Dance Mix) Your Love
Pain Machine Sweet Talk
Ask The Lord (7inch Version) What Makes A Man (Love A Woman)
Long White Car
Ring Of The Bell


At the time I thought Hipsway were a bigger band and had higher chart placings but when I looked them up their biggest UK hit The Honeythief  peaked at no 17, their next Ask The Lord(reissue) only reached no 50 , perhaps it´s because you buy the singles and play them a lot you create your own buzz for a band and you believe them to be bigger than they were.

They made some great singles and released two must have albums Hipsway 1986 and Scratch The Surface 1989.

Their other singles The Broken Years was a UK no 72 chart placing as was the first issue of Ask The Lord, Long White Car no 55 and Your Love both no 66 really should have been bigger hits for the band.

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