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Hanover Fist

Hanover Fist, Singles Collection, 1985 – 1988

1 hanover-fist-front-levi-mandel

The Tyger (extended 12inch version) +

The Tyger (purr version) +

The Tyger (7inch version) +

Razor Garden (12inch version) ++

Razor Garden (7inch version) ++

Razor Garden (double stubble) ++

American Dream (dance mix) +++






American Dream (radio mix) +++

Femme Fatale (dance mix) +++

Femme Fatale (radio mix) +++

Love Kills (dance mix) ++++

Boys In Furs (baton rouge mix) ++++

Boys In Furs (internal dub) ++++


Hanover Fist are; Charles Erickson and  James Harry

Some great synthpop singles from Hanover Fist, these are all 12inch rips.

Only one American Dream came in a picture sleeve (I always feel cheated without any record artwork!)

I had a few problems with Femme Fatale but cleaned them up the best I could.

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