Hambi and the Dance, Promises | Fade 2 Grey


Hambi, Promises, 1987



Side A

I Don´t Want To Lose You

Dancing With Hearts In Our Hands

Face Me With A Smile

Can´t Explain

Some Things Never Change In My World

Side B

Don´t Make Promises

Medicine Show


One Last Kiss

Now called Hambi this I think is the last recording by Hambi (someone out there may know different).On first listen I was dissapointed with this album but with repeated plays it grows on you and has turned out to be a really good listen.

Promises featured the single I Don´t Want To Lose You with it´s non b-side Julie-I´ll post that soon-Although this was strangley credited as Hambi and the Dance.


Other good tracks are the ballad Days and Don´t Make Promises both of which would have made great singles. Other songs of note are Somethings Never Change In My World, Face Without A Smile and my favourite track One Last Kiss.



4 Responses to “Hambi”

  1. harleytexas says:

    Please re up your Hambi posts, they were on megaupload and it’s gone.


  2. David Fowler says:

    I’m pretty sure this was Hambi’s last release from reading an autobiography somewhere on the web. I’ve always thought Julie was much wbetter than the A-side of the single. I’m a big fan of their first album Heartache (1982) esp the track Madelaine which I thought would have been a brilliant single.
    I occasionally perform it at an open mic night I go to but there’s a line I’ve never been able to make out at the end of the first verse – it goes ‘Danger in your eyes/ ??……..??? and hypnotise”. Any suggestions welcome…


  3. Joel Goodsen says:

    Any chances to see this download link alive?

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