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Grey Parade

Grey Parade, The Reason, 1985



Side1 Side 2
Crocodile Tears Winter
Flags Are Burning Exteriors
Each Time We Touch The Chosen Few
The Empty Room Impressions Of Africa
The Reason Heaven And Hell

Jeff Fulton, Karl Stacey, Kirk Austin, Les Campen

The Reason includes the excellent single Exteriors which I posted a while back. My favorite tracks include Crocodile Tears, Heaven And Hell,the catchy  Flags Are Burning- which would have made a good single- along with Empty Room and The Reason.

I have also included  a demo of Flags Are Burning from the SFX Magazine when the band were known as Still Life

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  1. vittorio says:

    Hi Mike! it’s possible for you to repost this album of Grey Parade and their singles Exteriors and Asleep? Thanks Vittorio

  2. VanceMan says:

    Hey, has someone digitized all those SFX tapes? I have a small stack sitting here to do as “one day when I have the energy” project.

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