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Greg Vandike

Greg Vandike Doctor Rain, 1991



Marie Celeste Flying Doctor
Suddenly My Heart Goes Zing Lamorna
Dreamland Try A Little Harder
I´ll Be Your Surprise Major To Minor
Ivory Towers Animation
Doctor Rain Parallel Universe
Wallpaper Music Burt Bacharach
Problem Page Fittest Person In Heaven
Louis Quinze Clone
Heaven All The Girls
Carmen Miranda Final Scene



Sadly Greg Vandike died in 2007 he was 56.

Exerts from his Myspace site;
Greg’s mum was a jazz singer, his Dad a bass player for the BBC. He grew up on Frank Sinatra, Cole Porter and Standards, he always had a good ear for a good tune.
In 1968 Greg´s father opened the now legendary Vandike Club in Plymouth Devon UK.

Greg cica 1965.

The teenage Greg booked bands and DJ alongside them. Between 1968 and 1980 Greg worked with some of the most famous artists at the Vandike promoted concerts. These included David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Marc Bolan, Peter Gabriel, Eric Clapton, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Leonard Cohen, Queen, 10cc, Roxy Music, The Police, Cat Stevens, Jackson Brown, Steve Hatrley & Cockney Rebel, Madness, Ian Dury, The Ramones, Talking Heads,Blondie, Bob Marley and 100´s more houseold names to numerous to drop.
Greg played with several local Plymouth bands before releasing his first single Clone in 1979 and appeared onthe BBC show Somthing Else.His second single was Marie Celeste.
Greg started his own rare record and memorabilia buisness in 1980.

Check out Greg’s Myspace site Here

Also check out Greg´s daughters Lauren Vandike Myspace site in which you will find here covering Greg´s Final Scene Here

Greg is best known for his excellent single Clone which for some strange reason wasn’t featured on this collection of Greg´s work.The album has some fantastic songs included on it and was a limited release. It does include Greg´s other singles Parallel Universe, Doctor Rain and Marie Celeste.

The album has some interesting minimal synth tracks among my favorites are I´ll Be Your Surprise, Problem Page and Suddenly My Heart Goes Zing.
I have also included the missing single Clone and a couple of fab tracks from his Myspace site, Burt Bacharach and Fittest Person In Heaven.
A rare gem, I love this album.

This download is split over two parts.


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