God Said | Fade 2 Grey

God Said

God Said, Off The Plot,1988



Slip Into Gear The Man Who Said Yes
House G Out Of Time
Absurdly Obsessed Hear Them
A Thousand Tears Slowly







God Said are Heather Wright and Mervyn Wright. Off The Plot was their only release.

They went on to form  Beautiful Pea Green and released three albums from 1987-1989.

In 1992 Heather along with Patrick Cleaver relesed a single Ride Away under the name Doris.

Mervyn and Heather both share lead vocals on this album which works well and keeps you interested throughout.

The dreamy Out Of Time was the single from the album, but both Absurdly Obsessed and Slip into gear should have been a singles, great song.

Off The Plot is a great lost album with lots of light and shade well worth a listen.



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