Gloria Mundi | Fade 2 Grey

Gloria Mundi

Gloria Mundi, I Individual, 1978



Side 1 Side 2
The Pack I,Individual
Condemned To Be Free You Talk
Daughters Of Rich Men Park Lane
I Like Some Men Split Personality






Gloria Mundi, were Eddie Maelov -vocals, and Sunshine Patteson- keyboards/vocals in their post punk days along with Beethovon -guitar, C.C. -bass, Mike Nicholls -drums and Ice -bass.

They made two albums before turning into a synth duo.

This  first I Individual in 1977 and the second The Word Is Out released the following year.Both albums are worth checking out especially The Word Is Out.

The sax player is the guy who played sax on Ultravox´s Hiroshima Mon Amour.




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