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Gary Clark

Gary Clark, Ten Short Stories About Love, 1993


This Is Why,J Baby Blue No.2
We Sail The Stormy Waters Nancy
St.Jude Any Sunday Morning
A Short Song About Love Making People Cry
Make A Family Sail On!
Freefloating A Jackson In Your Kitchen







Fantastic album from Gary Clark which I thought would have been a bigger hit for him.

The album reached a UK no 25.

The three  singles from the album didn’t fair any better which is a shame as they are all quality songs.

This really is a great album  to kick back too with beautiful arrangements and wonderful songs.

Among my favourites are, A Jackson In Your Kichen, the last track which is an instrumental featuring just the piano and some strings, a lovely short tune, the singles Freefloating and Make A Family and with it´s  gospel sounding vocals at the beginning,  St. Jude , I  also love Baby Blue No 2.


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  1. Sebastian says:

    I ordered this CD a few years back and every tracks a slow-burning winner. The hooks take a few spins to sink in though. Gary needs to stop writing for other artists and get back to his own singer-songwriter thing. Every song tells a little “kitchen-sink” type of story. Classic!

  2. Sebastian says:

    Also: Discogs has the release date listed as 1993, which I believe to be correct.

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