Gaffa | Fade 2 Grey


Gaffa, Neither Use Nor Ornament, 1978


Side 1 Side 2
Throw Me To The Christians X Marks The Spot
Hollow City Blackmeat
Wish I Was A Cartoon Babby Sitting
Go On Then Jump! First Teenager On The Moon
O.A.P. Sightings Trackless
Lucky Lighter Some Are In Suites (And Some Are In Groups)
Back To Villainy


Wayne Evans; Mouth almighty, bass

Mick Barratt; Drums, vocals, piano

John Maslen; Reverse guitar, vocals

Eddie Smith; Tremulant geetar, vocals


Cheryanne on Rockib´Fender Twin

Produced by Mike Finesilver

Engineered by Gnome & Cheryl

Recorded at Berwick St Stud

A roll up cover by Big Ed helped by Barbra Manual


Vinyl Download

I saw this band a lot in the 80s at their regular spot I think it was a Thursday night at The Imperial  Nottingham, it cost us just 50p to see the band. They released this one album and a few singles.


Live Photo by Chris Richards, with thanks.

I´d forgotten just how good this album was and has some fine songs on it including Hollow City (my favourite)which was strong enough to be a single . Baby Sitting is a funny song (there was always humour in their lyrics)  is about a baby sitter trying to sneak her boyfriend in while baby sitting.I also love Wish I Was A Cartoon ” I´d have a  voice and catch phrase all the funny men could do”

Another great track is the First Teenager On The Moon which goes into the Doctor Who theme music and then into the theme music from Gerry Anderson´s Fireball Xl5.Lucky Lighter is sung in fake country style , I also love Back To Villainy which name checks the local shippo´s brewery and the CO-OP. Two more standout tracks are Some Are In Suites (and some are in groups) and the wonderful O.A.P Sightings which has fab lyrics.

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  1. Hey great site, but the picture above of tha band playing live is mine, and ITS COPYRIGHTED. Credit it please. Chris Richards.

  2. adminmike says:

    Thankyou for the info about the live picture, sorry about that Chris I have now cerdited to you, cheers, Mikey

  3. john maslen says:

    thanks for this . and thanks for your comments re ‘hollow city’ track – you actually called it’ hollow man’ – a little sideslip into t s eliot?



  4. john maslen says:


    to let you know that john, wayne and clive smith (myph) will be showcasing 18 gaffa songs at the nottingham contemporary art gallery, 5 march, 2011. not a gaffa reunion, but a recovering of songs, still ‘fitting’ for the present, drawn from the extensive gaffa back catalogue.

    this is a full electric gig.

    best wishes


    john maslen.

  5. Ben says:

    Thanks for this Mikey, you’ve made my wife a very happy woman.

    Did you ever find a copy of Attitude Dancing??

    • adminmike says:

      Hi Ben,

      Always good to be of help, still looking for Attitude Dancing, I keep checking ebay but no look, I´ll post once I find it, thanks for your comment Mikey

  6. john maslen says:

    hello again

    just to let you know that gaffa will play a ‘requests and others’ set at the nottingham contemporary on friday 18 nov. 2011. thanks to all those who left email addresses and song requests at the last performance.

    john maslen

  7. alan holbourne says:

    i have been lucky enough to hang onto all the singles along with the album

  8. Gaffa are releasing a new EP entitled “XI XII XIII” to add to what has become a very sought after, but scarcely resourced back catalogue. Recorded by Doggen at Mouse House Studios in Nottingham, the EP is Gaffa’s first recording since they reformed in 2011. To coincide with this they are also releasing a digital remaster of their first LP ‘Neither Use Nor Ornament’ (1978) with new notes from songwriter and front man Wayne D. Evans.

    Release date: March 1st 2014
    Launch Gig: March 1st 9.00pm. Nottingham Contemporary, Weekday Cross, Nottingham, NG1 2DB

    Both CDs are designed to complement each other graphically thanks to Eddie ‘Myph’ Smith, who designed the original “N” Products releases. The whole new package will be available both digitally and hard copy through and for download from main on-line stores.

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