Eg | Fade 2 Grey


Eg, Turn Me On I´m A Rocket Man, 1996


Nothing Comes Easy Sister Blue
Made My Baby Cry Holding It In
What Can I Do? I Wish You Could Be Happy Too
Stay Home Angel
Mr Cool My Lovely Valentine
Do It For Myself






A fantastic debut solo album by Eg White.

I´ve played this album to death over the years just like 24 Years Of Hunger it still gets played regularly.

Love the album sleeve too what more could you ask for along with the sublime music and lyrics by Eg with his soothing voice.

My favorite tracks are Holding It It  with the wonderful lines“I  get richer when I´m sharing, I´ve got something to give” and I´d like to hang out with my Mother again,but I´m just holding it in”

Another track which I relate to is Nothing Comes Easy with it´s chorus” Nothing comes easy, not to me, and even if you disagree, nothing comes easy, not to me, what you don´t know you wont see, nothings as simple as it seems, I have to fight for everything, nothing in my life comes easily, especially not to me” the track finishes with Eg singing –disappointment, disappointment-!!

Other fantastic tracks are the singles Made My Baby Cry and Stay Home along with the gorgeous My Lovely Valentine (Turn Me On I´m A Rocket Man) and  Angel. To be honest there isn´t a weak track here.

Definitely an album to share and cherish with the loved ones in your life past and present.

You can buy Eg´s second album Aventure Man in iTunes or Amazon, well worth the purchase.

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