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East Of Java

East Of Java, The Imp And The Angel, 1989








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  1. alex says:

    reapload please.please.alex.

  2. Lordofvhs says:

    hi, mike I’m spanish sorry -my english is short and I’m just writing ‘on the fly’ (no translator helper)
    I’ve arrived to your site by chance: and…..your web is awesome, incomparable, incredible, amazing,spectacular, divine,etc etc
    I just say thank you so much for all your efforts and vinyl rescues
    your site is the best I saw on the net (so much better than another more known blogs/sites)
    I’m thinking of renewiing my rs account only for your site ’cause rs deleted (premium, of course) me over 300 gb of old vhs movies due to constant rs politicy changes )
    I’ve got a private blog about old vhs movies (in spanish or original subtitled version)where I’m sharing old vhs of my private collection
    well, you’ d be invited but I’m afraid you don’t understand spanish language
    I’m sorry having known this blog before, but you’ve a plenty of rare stuff still ‘on’
    well I have left to say: God bless you ant thankkkkkkkkkkssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss forever

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